Social Square Dance Program

Singing Call Videos

These videos show people dancing singing calls that make use of only the calls from the SSD list. They illustrate the wide variety of singing calls that are possible using only that list. They also illustrate that many singing calls that are popular among the current square dancer population are commonly called using only calls from that list.

These are not teaching videos, or videos made specifically to demonstrate the SSD list. They are just recordings of people square dancing at various events, of the sort you could find yourself on YouTube. In fact they are all from YouTube. The events were held in a variety of locations, so there may be "frills" or regional styling. (There may also be mistakes.) Included are videos showing dancers of all ages, and music of many different styles.

Most of these videos were recorded at events that were not organized or promoted as SSD events. (Nor were they from "newer dancer" events.) Most of them were recorded during sessions that were announced as Mainstream, or even Plus. It's just that for these particular singing calls, only those calls were used.