Insurance Program


The California Square Dance Council, Inc. (“Council”) and the dancers of its member Associations/Federations (“Affiliates”) are members of the United Square Dancers of America, Inc. (“USDA”).  USDA negotiates two insurance policies, one is Liability Insurance and the other is Accident Medical Insurance, for the Affiliates, clubs, and dancers.  To view the Trifold Information Brochure on the coverage provided, please click here Each policy is group coverage and is provided to all dancers and clubs who belong to an Affiliate of USDA.  To view the Liability Insurance Policy, please click here or to view the Medical Insurance Policy, click here.

 Any questions concerning the policies should be directed to the Council Insurance Director Shirley Delp email address: If she cannot answer the questions, she will contact the USDA Insurance Coordinator.

The Insurance Company establishes the cost per dancer for insurance.  Council and each Affiliate may increase the fee to cover administrative costs.  Monies collected for insurance MUST  be designated for that use only.

Affiliates and clubs need to be covered by insurance to provide protection for their dancers.  Almost all of the facility contracts entered into requires some type of liability insurance coverage.  This information must be submitted to your Association’s Insurance Chairman each year.  The forms for doing this can be viewed and downloaded  from here.