Insurance Program -Forms to Use

These forms are fill-in “Template Forms”.  Just click in the first upper most “gray box” if it is not already highlighted in black and start typing the appropriate information in that box.  If you are uncertain, what information goes in that box or the format it should be in, press the F1 key while in that box and a small Help Box will pop-up.  Once the box is filled in, press the Tab key or use the mouse to click in the next box.    DO NOT USE THE “ENTER KEY”!  The enter key will add a line to the form.  If this happens, click on the “Edit” icon at the top of Word and then click on “Undo Typing” as many times as necessary to get back to where you were before hitting “Enter”.

It is best to download the form to your computer before using rather than opening it up.  This way you can save the completed form for future reference or use it in preparing more of the same form.  Some information will already be in place and you can click on the box you want to change and hit “Delete” to clear the information in that box.  Remember to “Save As” to a different name or it will overwrite the other form.


For information about the insurance program, please contact Shirley Delp