Golden Dancer  Program 

What is the Golden Dancer Program? - -  The Golden Dancer program is a way to recognized our “elder statesmen and women” of square dancing here in California. The recognition celebrates that you are never too old to enjoy our favorite hobby, whether your preference is square dancing, round dancing, clogging, or country western dancing.

 Who Can Be Recognized? - - Any member of an Association – recognized club age 80 years old or over, may be recognized with the presentation of a Golden Dancer certificate.

 How Do You Request A Certificate? - - That’s easy! Just notify your Association President or the Publice Relations Director (see below) that either you or a member of your club is age 80 or over and has not been previously recognized. We need to know their name, club affiliation and age. We’d also like to know their birth date (if they are willing to reveal it!) so that we can update the Council records each year.  Click here to access a form that you can complete and return to your association president.


If you have questions, you may contact our volunteer running the Golden Dancer program: John Ryan.
His email is
His phone number is: 805-218-3057