California Square Dance Council

Affiliate Presidents Resource Guide


For a Word document of the Index: click here

Also available is a Quick Guide for the New President.  For a pdf file: click here;  For a Word file: click here

1       Current Member Roster


A Current Member Roster is sent with the previous quarter meeting minutes to each affiliate president.

For a roster of Past CA Council Presidents: click here

2       Current Meeting Dates & Locations

For information on the upcoming meeting: click here

For a list of future meetings: click here

3       Calendar of Festivals

For a pdf file of the current Calendar of Festivals: click here

4       Friendship Program

For information on the Friendship Program: click here

5       Bylaws

For a pdf file of the current Bylaws: click here

6       Standing Rules

For a pdf file of the current Standing Rules: click here

7       Reimbursement Claim Form

For a pdf file of the Reimbursement Form: click here

For an Excel worksheet of the Reimbursement Form: click here

8       USDA Insurance Program

For Information on the Insurance Program: click here

9       Hosting a Council Weekend

See: Standing Rules Exhibit B

10     How To For Dancers

For a pdf file of How To For Dancers: click here

11     How To Organize a Festival

For a pdf file of How To Organize a Festival: click here

12     State Convention Policy & Guidelines

See: Standing Rules Exhibit C

13     Promotions


14     Member Recruitment


15     Current Council Minutes

Council Minutes are not posted on the Internet.  The Council Secretary sends complimentary copies to each affiliate president and elected officer. Others may receive copies after paying a subscription fee. All of these recipients will receive electronic copies if an email address is obtained. A lesser subscription fee can be paid to receive only electronic copies.

The “Presidents Binder/Book” resource guide, has in the past, been in
a hard “paper” format, in order for the manual to be passed on to the current sitting president from the outgoing affiliate president or representative to the California Square Dance Council.


The decision was made at the February 2009 quarterly council meeting to maintain the
resource guide in a soft format. 

It is the responsibility of each affiliate president to familiarize themselves with the information
in each of the 15 tabbed subjects in the index.  This index is a guide to the subjects found
on the California Square Dance Council website, and handouts received at council meetings. 

Please download as needed.

It is the prerogative of each affiliate president to either maintain a physical binder or inform the new affiliate president where to find the information, to be informed of the council operations. 

Revised February 14, 2009

Leadership/Education Committee:  Chairmen, Carol & Bob Fisher; members, Pauline Bereiter, John & Patti Brown, Jacque Cozby, Dana & Lynn McCrary, Linda Spears.